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The Arab world in general was elated when Nasser moved to confront Israel, and cheerfully awaited what was expected to be an Israeli defeat. A number of countries, though, did much more than (prematurely) celebrate:

• Iraq sent troops the Jordanian-occupied West Bank, where the 8th Mechanized Brigade saw action, and to Syria; its jets strafed several villages in northern Israel.

• Lebanese jets, too, strafed Israeli positions in the north.

• Algeria sent MiG jet fighters to reinforce Egypt's air force; and Pakistani pilots were said to have been behind the controls of several Jordanian jets.

• Saudi Arabia sent soldiers to help Jordan; but they stopped short of entering the country.

• Moroccan, Tunisian and Sudanese volunteer forces headed toward Egypt to join the fight against Israel, as did contingents from contingents from Morocco, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

• Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, Iraq, Algeria and Qatar banned oil shipments to US and UK. Iraq and Libya closed down their oil facilities altogether.

• Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Mauritania and Yemen severed diplomatic ties with the United States.

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